Best & Most Underrated Animated classic kids movies

These movies are in no real order.

Roc-a-doodle (free on prime)

Little Nemo Adventures in Slumberland (free on prime)

All dogs go to heaven (free with Netflix and prime)

Rescuers down under (free on prime)

The page master ($3.99 on prime)

A goofy movie (free with Disney+ , $3.99 on prime)


Money (making it and saving it)


I’ve been way over my head trying to keep up with this Boston rent. I moved out of the city. Makes no difference because I’m paying the same.

Average rent in Boston

While having lunch with an old friend we spoke mostly of money. Residual money. Investing money. Budgeting our money. She recommended a book called

Total Money Makeover by David Ramsey

And now my new favorite quote is…

“It’s not in my budget.”

She also gave me a format for budgeting.

Since I’ve been watching my money within the last two months my budget went down by $191. Not bad. Having a healthy relationship with money has taken top priority in my life these days and so I watch it like a baby. Constantly checking my banking account and Credit Karma . As I am also working on my credit.

Recently I have been seeing a lot of budgeting apps, but have yet to try any myself. (Ea. Cleo) This is the one that has taken most of my interest. I’m wondering if any of you all have tried it and if so how is it?

Starting the $7 challenge after my birthday. By the end of that year if I stay committed I would have $2,555. Enough to take a trip anywhere and that’s important being that it will be my 30th birthday.

I am apart of the CVS, Family Dollar, and Uber rewards programs. CVS sends 40% off coupons often that come in handy and let’s face it any dollar saved is worth it these days.

Any recommendations on how to save money or invest it?




Some say liquor is called spirits because when you drink your soul leaves you & becomes susceptible to other – Spirits.

I have seen many drunks but not all look the same.

I have seen decent people lose themselves every day.

I’ve heard voices change and seen fits out of rage.

I’ve seen faces much older than their actual age.

I’ve seen victims robbed of everything including their pride.

I’ve seen ppl pushed to death and just wanting to die.

The Berkshires

A couple of weeks back a friend and I drove up to the Berkshires, in western Massachusetts. About a three hour drive from Boston, borderline Albany New York. I took but one picture the whole time I was out there. I was told I went on the “off season.” Because of the mountains, it is a popular vacation spot during the winter for skiing and snow boarding. But in the spring and summer there is not so much to do I guess. Typically, we could have just taken a hike or went fishing but it rained the whole time. Swimming was the highlight of my trip. Usually can’t go wrong with that. The Lee Premium Outlets were not at all what I expected either. I barely bought anything. The Gap has some good sales though.

After that I stopped at the Misty diner. I loved the theme of it, the artwork on the wall was very retro and the food was great!

The movie theatre only has three movies but is oddly unique in its design.

(Not my picture)

Beacon theatre

Everyone there seems to have early curfews because after a certain time you don’t see anyone outside. The most popular restaurant is equivalent to our Apples Bees.

The Berkshire Museum Leonardo da Vinci: Machines in Motion

The museum featured a Leonardo Da Vinci exhibit which was pretty cool and there was a local play house. All and all I don’t think I will be going back there, but it was worth the experience.

Interstellar (movie) review

Interstellar is a 2014 drama/mystery movie that is based in the future. Matthew McConaughey plays its main character “Pilot Cooper,” who chooses to leave his family behind to go on a space expedition in order to save man kind.

During this time Earth is going through “the second Dust Bowl (Great Depression).”

“The Dust Bowl was a period of severe dust storms that greatly damaged the-ecology and agriculture of the American and Canadian prairies during the 1930s; severe drought and a failure to apply dryland farming methods to prevent theaeolian processes (wind erosion) caused phenomenon.” –Wikipedia

Dust Bowl (the Great Depression)

The earth’s atmosphere is deteriorating causing dust storms that make it almost impossible to harvest. Causing a lot of people to either starve or get sick from breathing in the toxins.

Deeming it almost inhabitable the crew leaves in search for a new home (Earth). They travel through different dimensions such as space and time. In the end Cooper concludes that the only force of nature that can defy gravity and exist in all dimensions is “love,” and ultimately he uses this energy to complete the mission. Him and his daughter Murphy “Murph” (whom he named after the law) ‘s bond is the link between these dimensions.

Murphy’s law is an adage or epigramthat is typically stated as: “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong”. -Wikipedia

Book related to this movie:

The Science of Interstellar

Black holes and time warps

Both Books were written by the same author Kip Thorne , an American theoretical physicist who specializes in the study of “gravity.”

You can access it his studies to most if not all of these movies affects and graphics which won an Academy Award for Best Visual Effects.

Laws of the Universe

What’s it like being white? – Robin Di Angelo (1st response)

This book is a mandatory reading for the curriculum of (what used to be Wheelock) now Boston University. It speaks about being racially illiterate and white privilege. I’ve only just started reading the first chapter and I’m already pissed off. She speaks as if she is the only “woke” socially conscious white person. So far her studies been on privileged white people which is weird given the fact she identifies as a lower-class white person. Trying not to be so judgmental especially this early in, but I’m interested nonetheless. #WhatDoesItMeanToBeWhite #RobinDiAngelo I would be interested in attending a seminar/open discussion with her Robin DiAngelo


Good Wolf Bad Wolf (poem)

What can I say about this past year?

I know the devil was working hard

and I’m not even that religious.

But I know the difference, between good and evil.

I know there’s good and bad people.

I know good people can do bad things

And bad people are capable of doing good deeds,

Or having good intentions.

Not to mention,

Good and evil is a balance.

Not everyone may show it but everyone has it.

Like a wise Cherokee once said,

“good wolf bad wolf” It’s all in your head.

It’s about who you feed more,

even the good wolf can take a detour.

Be aware of those who cry wolf, it can be misleading.

The wolf is deceiving.

You “don’t trust a wolf in sheeps clothing” for a reason.

Stormy Sea

No two ships in the night,

that sail on the same sea,

under the same stars are alike.

At first sight maybe.

But it wasn’t the vision,

it was the journey that made me.

I heard, “a smooth sea never made a skilled sailor,”

so I looked the storm in her eye and made a deal with her.

She knows my heart,

she knows my mind,

she can see right through it.

I don’t want to own the sea.

I just want to sail right through it…

-Steph B.

Bath Peace


As I lay in the bath…

The water moves rhythmically to the beat of my heart.

They are in sync.

Despite me not even moving a muscle, my heart races faster.

I try to relax my breathing but still it keeps on…

Singing the tune to its own little song.

This is when I realize that my hearts the biggest part of me.

I used to pride myself on my mental, but it’s not my mentality.

This little heart of mine…

is where it comes back too.

You can romance me or make me laugh too

but if you don’t have my heart you can’t ever say you really meet me,

because there lies the key that kept me.

-Steph B.


7 Bath Remedies For Everyday Alignment

Bath therapy:


  • Hydrotherapy
  • Magnesium sulfate
  • Exfoliation
  • Lotion
  • Aromatherapy
  • Contrast bath therapy
  • Detoxification
  • Mud bath
  • Ice bath

“I’m just saying…” (Cliche)

My father said to me today…

“Steph hang in there, it seems like you are on the right track.”

My response was…

“I feel like I’m on the train, that’s on the track, but it just hasn’t left the station yet.” 

He hits me with the…

“there’s always light at the end of the tunnel,” cliche.

I try to remind myself that at least I am on the train… better going somewhere slow than going no where fast or even worse… no where at all.


“Slow and steady wins the race” is what they say.

During my early 20s it was all about get rich quick schemes and instant gratification. It’s true what they say, “easy come, easy go,” because I got a lot of everything that accumulated to be nothing in the long run.

I had no Foresight .

It’s a blessing and a curse being a survivor. You get so used to trying to get through the day to day struggle that you don’t see the future. You just see how days turn into more days and that’s when the clock starts over again. Next thing you know you went to bed 21 and woke up 30. That’s how life works.


In the end you will see where all your little efforts got you. For most it isn’t far, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be. You just need to have the foresight. Those little moves need to be working in alignment with the bigger picture.

Now that I am almost 30 I am starting back at 1. Not in age but in life. In “adulting,” I seem to have gotten it all wrong.



Being that we are on the subject of cliches I’m going to pull the old “it’s never too late,” quote out of the bag. I am still young but unlike before I do not have my youth on my side. I am racing the invisible clock. 


Speaking of my father he also uses another phrase that goes, “it doesn’t matter where you are sitting on the ship when it’s going down, it’s still going down.” There’s some wisdom in this. Regardless of which path we all take in life we all will inevitably end up at the same destination. 

A reminder not to be too hard on yourself. 

What is a cliche?

Cliche meaning


The Bahamas

This past June I left the country for the first time. My destination was the Bahamas by way of Palm Beach, Florida. We flew to Palm Beach with one layover in Philadelphia from Boston and then cruised over to the Bahamas. It was also my first time on a cruise as well.

I booked with GroupOn (also a first), the prices are good, but I’m not sure if I would recommend them for anything other than planning a day out. Planning a trip around them was a little frustrating. Even after booking you still needed to call the cruise line to confirm your reservation. Some fine line b.s. but can be problematic if you didn’t know ahead of time. Also, you need to have the groupon coupon ready upon booking. Which I seen as a third party inconvenience but nothing major.

Moving forward, I went to Freeport, Bahamas. The island is recovering from the damages of hurricane Matthew, in which they had a three month black out. The beach locations were the first to get redone considering that most of the country’s economy is based off of tourism.

Something else that I found interesting was the fact that this part of the island was very industrial. In big tanks it holds other countries oil supply. Also, they have factories in which birth control is made, being one example.

When they speak of Miami they say that “when they sneeze we catch the cold,” because it is so close. I was surprised at how close it actually was. Seeing as though I have been to Miami a few times now but never to the Bahamas.

My friend and I choose the open bar beach excursion. Only because the horse back riding one was sold out. There they had jet skiing, banana boats, and other activities. The water was see through, very clear. Which I see as a luxury being from Massachusetts. Massachusetts beaches are nothing like that of the Bahamas or even Miami. This is mostly what I go for, other than the weather.

Since the economy is in repair they have an option for a community or group to purchase a house together. The idea is something similar to a Sous Sous in the Haitian community. Except instead of collecting money they are investing it into a home. The logistics is still unclear but worth looking into. There is no property tax so once you purchase the land and build your home it is yours forever. I like the idea of that.

Surprised I didn’t see any sea life other than a sting ray, in which I was terrified of and a couple of sharks in Miami that I didn’t stick around to see. I was hoping to see dolphins up close in their natural habits. I’ve seen dolphins before at Sea World and even fed them but it’s not the same. Reminds me of when I had this strange, intense fear of whales after going on a whale watch at the New England Aquarium. Something about the way they move I interpreted them as sea monsters. It’s hilarious to think about now, but I’m pretty sure I still wouldn’t want to be in the water with one.

On the way back we stopped in Miami to hit the beach for the day before heading back to Boston.

Overall, I had an amazing time. Learned some new lingo, chilled with the locals, caught some good sunsets and came back with a tan. I was satisfied.

If I ever go back to the Bahamas I will make sure to go to Nassau instead, there is where I will see the dolphins I’m sure.

Until next time travelers!


While going through some old photos today, I found pictures of my nana. When describing her one of the first things that comes to mind was “she’s a character.” Truly one of the genuinely honest and funniest people you would ever meet.

Which gave me the best idea 💡

I’m going to turn her into a children illustrated book. A bit more animated and fun but true to who she was.

It will be called: Nana Bea

One of the first stories I will tell is how she egged my father. (Kid friendly version of course)

Secondly, her going into a nursing home due to diabetes. I’m sure a lot of children had to experience this and it’s not always easy.

Lastly, her death. A subject often strayed away from, but a reality nevertheless. I was fortunate enough to have my grandmother until I was twenty years old, but others experience death much younger.

In conclusion, I hope that with some light humor I will be able to shade light on some touchy subjects, in a way that makes sense to them.

This is still just an idea in the making.

Any comments are appreciated!

Motivation Monday’s

Inspired by the movie: Set it Up (Netflix)

Set it up Quotes

Motivation Monday’s : Movie Clip

Harper (played by Zoey Deutch) had just been fired from her long term job.

That never intended on being a career, but her extended stay proved otherwise. Her real aspiration was to write. The job became her crutch, her safety blanket, her EXCUSE to not pursue her real dream. Something to point the figure to and cast blame when you look back on why you never had time. When in truth it’s because you didn’t give yourself the time. For whatever reasons, in her case fear of failure.

“Get off your boney little a** and do something about it”

Her friend. The optimist in the situation, glass half full type of girl, seen the collateral beauty in the mist of her friends chaos. This gave her “the time,” she needed to write.

“You’re not a bad writer yet…” you need to write something bad first.

Sometimes, minor set backs prepare you for major break throughs. Cliche yes but true.

Moral: Do not let the fear of failure hold you back.


“Don’t be one of those women who can’t say cunt.”

Follow the leader ?!

Being in a position of leadership means having to deal with NOT only your own problems, but other peoples problems as well.

They will look to you, they will depend on you.

If you don’t understand this than maybe you’re not in a position to be a leader.

The Laws of Love and Life

Love like you won’t see tomorrow,

Give before you borrow.

Think before you say,

Words shouldn’t cost more than a price you can pay.

Don’t be a burden learn to pay what you weigh.

Each day is given & can be taken away.

Be an example of who you want to see in the world.

Show respect to every man, woman, boy & girl…

But don’t be taken advantage of.

Know when to give and extend love,

Without losing too much of yourself in the process.

Know the signs. If it’s unhealthy stop it.

30 days makes or breaks a habit,

Whether that’s good or bad you can establish…

Better ways of living.

Before there was getting there was giving,

Before there was you there was me,

So don’t feel ashamed to be selfish,

It’s in your nature you can’t help it,

That can be just as beneficial to your health.

As long as you understand that part of the process is learning how to balance the wealth.

The abundance of love, and material things.

That come in forms of people, places and things.

It’s part of the purpose,

If you make it through the rain you deserve it.

Some bridges you will need to cross alone,

And don’t let just anyone into your home…

(To be continued…)


Don’t let what you go through or been through change your core person. Love how you want to be loved. Choose to be happy today for yourself. Be the love you seek, lead by example. Don’t allow people to change you or circumstances to harden you. If you can make it out of this race we call life losing everything but yourself, just know you have won.

An Island made out of plastic bottles

Richart Sowa, a British architect whom people have come to call the modern day ‘Robinson Crusoe,’ brings a whole new meaning to “Do it yourself !” Creator of HAND made island he calls Joyxsee, isn’t the first of its kind. Located in Mexico, on Isla Mujeres “the Island of Women.”

This island is known to be sacred, dating as far back as the Mayans and home to their childbirth rituals. It is said that from the belly “womb” of this island is where you can be the first person to see the sun rise, because of where it is located in the furthest point of the eastern hemisphere. For this reason is was/is good luck to bring a pregnant woman or woman seeking to become pregnant.

In 2005, a hurricane destroyed Spiral Island, which was also made out of plastic bottles. Sowa was said to have started this project back in 1998.

A 82ft in diameter island made completely out of earth, recycled goods (150,000+ bottles) and bamboo, floating off the coast of Mexico. Oh & did I mention it also holds the weight of a three story house and offers WIFI.

I don’t know what possessed Sowa in doing so, but I must say I am fascinated! I couldn’t help to think, are they still finding a way to charge him some form of property tax? I was just curious as to how this works.

Turns out, others were too. After further research I have learned that the Mexican government recognized the island as an “Eco Boat,” and in doing so it must comply with their boating regulations and I’m assuming fees/taxes as well.

Nevertheless, kudos to you Mr. Sowa!

other things you can make out of recycled plastic bottles…